What is Australia’s Biggest Killer

Australia’s biggest killer is in your house right now

It’s widely known Australia’s wildlife can be dangerous, but there is an even bigger killer in most households that many of us are unaware of its devastating impact.

That killer is the couch.

Australia has become accustomed to sitting down – at work, on […]

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Top 5 Tips for Healthy Ageing

1) Move Regularly:
Regular physical activity is so important for people of all age groups. In older age in particular we know that it can help you sleep better, improve your appetite, prevent various diseases, lower your risk of falls and improve your mental health too.

You don’t even need to get a lot of exercise to […]

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Is it Time to Help a Loved One?

Each year 1 in 3 people aged over 65 fall. This statistic increases to 1 in 2 for the 80+ age group. With an aging population we are seeing an increase in the number of falls, and thus an increase in hospital admissions.

Research shows that balance and strength exercises, […]

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